How to save money when calling abroad with your mobile

How to save money when calling abroad with your mobile

We believe our app is an easy way of saving you money when calling abroad. Anything that makes life easier, and saves you money too, is great in our books. But just how much money can you save?

We’ve put our global calling app to the test against some of the biggest mobile phone providers in the UK with some real world examples of call costs. We’re taking a look today at those times when you may be out and about, and have to make a quick 10 minute call abroad from your mobile. Perhaps it’s a family emergency, an urgent business call or you’ve got some last minute travel plans you need to change. Whatever the reason, what is it going to cost?

Our assumptions

This assumes you haven’t paid for monthly add-ons or other one-off fees up front. These are the standard rates for calling abroad from your mobile given by these networks themselves on their websites on the 12th April 2018. We’ve quoted our rates too – they can sometimes vary, but we always display our latest rates in-app if you want to check.

Remember, our app can work seamlessly alongside whatever call packages or contracts you have in place as our call technology routes the call through the net.  Our rates are flat when you travel too – if it costs you 2.5p/min to call the USA from the UK, that’s what you’ll pay to call the USA from France, or Australia, or wherever else you’re lucky enough to be travelling to.

Let’s take a look at the examples:

Ten minute call to Australia:
With EE a ten minute call to Australia from your mobile would cost you £16, with BT Mobile it would be £9, Vodafone would set you back £20, whilst Three would charge you £5.62.
Cost to call Australia for ten minutes with GlobalCall247 = 35p.

Ten minute call to India:
Calling India for ten minutes with your mobile? The charges will be: EE £16, BT Mobile £6, Vodafone £20 and Three £10.20.
Cost to call India for ten minutes with GlobalCall247 = 50p. 

Ten minute call to the USA:
Calling the land of Donald Trump for ten minutes? The cost with EE is £16, BT Mobile £9, Vodafone £20 and Three £5.62.
Cost to call the USA for ten minutes with GlobalCall247 = 25p

Ten minute call to Thailand:
A ten minute call to a mobile in Thailand will set you back £16 with EE (they like that number, don’t they?), BT Mobile £12, Vodafone £20 and Three £10.20.
Cost to call Thailand for ten minutes with GlobalCall247 = £1.40

Ten minute call to Brazil:
Calling a mobile in Brazil for ten minutes with EE will cost you £16, BT Mobile will charge you £6, Vodafone will be asking for £20 and Three will want £5.62.
The cost to call Brazil for ten minutes using the GlobalCall247 app will be 35p

Next Steps
It’s possible to bring some of those rates down by signing up for some of the calling abroad packages offered by the mobile networks. However there may be countries those packages don’t reach, or perhaps you don’t want to be locked in to making extra payments every month on the off-chance you may need to call abroad.

It’s obvious that if you need to make occasional calls abroad, particularly outside the EU, you could save yourself an enormous amount of money by using GlobalCall247 when compared to the largest mobile phone operators in the UK. Remember, the examples above are for one ten minute call!

Our app doesn’t work using a contract – find out more about GlobalCall247. You simply download the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple app store. Register, add some credit with your debit or credit card – starting at £2.

Give our app a go. We’d love to hear what you thought about using it.


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