What will happen to mobile call charges in the EU after Brexit?

What will happen to mobile call charges in the EU after Brexit?

Many of us travelling in the EU recently have been able to enjoy low cost calls thanks to the abolition of roaming charges. But what’s going to happen once Brexit kicks in?

According to a recent article in The Independent, business travellers could face a monthly bill of up to nearly £800!

The article takes a worst case scenario for business travellers, who will typically use a lot more data when travelling than a holidaymaker would, for example. Whilst it pays to plan ahead, we don’t think we need to start panicking quite yet.

But this article does highlight the fact that call costs can quickly mount up, especially if you’re outside the EU. A few minutes here, a few txts there, over even a relatively short trip you can find a large bill waiting for you on your return home. Certainly not the warm welcome you might have been looking forward to.

Where GlobalCall247 can help

The GlobalCall247 app has been designed to be a great travelling companion in these situations. No matter what contract you have on your phone, our technology works seamlessly alongside it to connect your calls.

The app allows you to call over 100 countries at great low rates. How low? For example, you can call landlines and mobiles in the UK for just 5 per minute from wherever you are in the world. The United States is just 2.5p per minute. You can see our rates easily here on our website, but please note that our app has the latest rates displayed within it.

  • Our rates are flat as you travel – so the rates don’t change as you move between countries.
  • There is no PIN to remember, or access codes to call. You just launch the app on your phone.
  • Download the app, top up credit – from just £2 – and GlobalCall247 is there, on your phone, ready to help you call wherever you are.

It’s time to go Global with GlobalCall247. Download from your App Store and give it a go today!


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