Avoid a Shock Mobile Phone Bill This Summer

Avoid a Shock Mobile Phone Bill This Summer

As regular as clockwork, every year as we head towards the summer we start seeing the headlines in our newspapers about people being hit with eye-waveringly high mobile phone bills after being abroad on holiday. Examples such as ‘Man Receives €26,692 mobile bill from Three after returning home from holiday’, ‘Dad reveals horror after receiving £23,000 bill from Three Mobile‘ and ‘Mother, 40, hit with £20,000 mobile phone bill after using the internet in Turkey‘ make for regular seasonal reading.

So if you’re heading abroad this year, for business or pleasure, what can you do to minimise the charges you might incur?

In the EU

We have the EU roaming rules which came into play in June 2017 to help keep calls within the EU, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein ‘similar’ to at home. This should mean that pay-monthly and pay-as-you-go customers pay the same in these countries as they do at home. But be warned, you want to check the small print before you start clocking up the hours abroad, as some providers may have a clause, such as a ‘fair use policy’, and they might start charging you more while you’re away. Our advice: Make sure you understand exactly what the policy is, and if in doubt, ring your provider and query them BEFORE you go away.

Travelling outside the EU

If you’re heading further afield, roaming charges can be much higher. Providers generally offer a range of different packages covering different countries, and you might need to take a bit of a guess as to which one will be best for you.

Using GlobalCall247 to keep you covered

Regardless of the network you use, or the country you’re visiting, we’d suggest an extra level of security for you would be to install our global calling app on your phone. Why?

  • Our app connects your call via 3G, 4G or WiFi  – whatever is available, giving you more chances to get through.
  • Our app can connect to landlines and mobiles in over 100 countries.
  • Whoever you are calling doesn’t need to have our app installed.
  • You pay only for the calls you make – you can add credit to your phone starting at just £2.
  • Our rates are low – calling a mobile in the UK when you’re abroad will typically cost between 3.5-5p a minute.
  • We have flat rates globally. For example, if it costs you 3.5p/min to call the UK, that’s the same whether you are in France, New Zealand or Thailand.
  • We publish our rates on our site, they’re also displayed in-app when you select a country you want to call.

For example, If you happen to be in Turkey, the standard rate to call home to the UK with EE or T-Mobile is £1.80/min, and £1.44/min with Orange. Compare that to 5p/min with GlobalCall247.

Download GlobalCall247 from your app store – the app is available for both Android and Apple devices.

Find out more about GlobalCall247 with our quick introductory video:

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