How to avoid high mobile call charges home whilst abroad

How to avoid high mobile call charges home whilst abroad

Whilst the well-publicised scrapping of EU roaming charges has seen many travellers to mainland Europe breathe a sigh of relief, life can get a lot more complicated, and expensive, outside the EU.

News articles like this celebrate the removal of roaming charges in the EU. Post Brexit, who knows what will happen to these charges!

Travellers are warned that even in Europe, exceeding your standard data allowance could see you landed with a hefty bill, and for those travelling further afield, the cost of calls can quite quickly pile up.

We developed the GlobalCall247 app as a way of simplifying calling abroad whilst drastically cutting costs. We keep costs as low as possible, ensure the call quality is high, and keep things simple – no contracts, PINs or access numbers to dial. Our app let’s you calls landlines and mobiles in over 100 countries, and the person you’re calling doesn’t need our app installed – our technology is secure and seamless!

How do our call charges compare?

Holiday in the USA or Australia
If you’re in the USA or Australia, and you want to call the folks back home in the UK, using EE their standard rate will cost you £1.20 a minute, whilst Orange and T-Mobile will charge you £1.44 a minute. The cost to call home to the UK using the GlobalCall247 app on your phone? Between 3.5 and 5p per min*.

If you’re lucky enough to lap up some sun in Turkey this year, calling home will cost you £1.80 a minute with EE and T-Mobile, and £1.44 a minute with Orange. Think how much longer you can chat for when you’re only paying 3.5p-5p/min with GlobalCall247.

Calling the UK from Thailand will cost you £1.80 a minute with EE or T-Mobile or £1.44 a minute with Orange. But our flat, global rates (the cost of calling a country is the same no matter which country you’re calling from) means you’ll pay between 3.5p and 5p per min with GlobalCall247.

Stay in Touch For Less – Anywhere on Earth!
Those are just a few examples showing how much you can save when calling home to the UK from abroad. Remember, GlobalCall247 is simple to use, there’s no contract or minimum spend. Our app let’s you call over 100 countries at great low rates.

Ready to give GlobalCall247 a go?
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