Upgrading our app with new improved features

Upgrading our app with new improved features

We’re always working to ensure GlobalCall247 is the best it can be at making low cost calls around the world simple, easy and cheap. Check out our fantastic low rates to over 100 countries! We’ve recently been working hard on adding some features to the app and wanted to tell you all about them.

We’ve made a number of changes in the background to make the app run even smoother than before. But we’ve also added:

  • A better chat feature. We’ve added new group chat which allows you to set up groups for friends, family or perhaps work colleagues. We’ve also made chat easier to use.
  • We’ve provided multi-currency support, so the app now supports £, $, Euro and Yuan.
  • We’ve improved the file transfer feature, so you can now send bigger files with the ‘unlimited file transfer’ ability. Great if you need to send large files between colleagues, or perhaps photos to family and friends.
  • We’ve generally made it faster to use too!

Try the app today and new users will receive £1 worth so you can see for yourself why we think it’s the best app around.

Download or upgrade from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for Android.


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