How it works

Ship to Shore now easier than before

Call “Ship to Shore” without paying more

GlobalCall 247 brings affordable, low-bandwidth* calling to the global maritime industry. Our Android and Apple app allows crew to call landlines and mobiles in over 100 countries with a simple, flat pricing structure.

Our technology dynamically routes calls via WiFi or 3G & 4G mobile networks where available– bypassing expensive mobile roaming charges and keeping the cost of calls low. Whether you’re at sea on a WiFi enabled ship or arriving in a new port – GlobalCall247 Maritime is the easy way to call.
*Minimum bandwidth required 64kbps

The Problem

While the world becomes ever more reliant on the ability to be in constant contact, the maritime industry is being left behind.

On-board Mobile and satellite calls can be prohibitively expensive, and swallow up precious bandwidth.
Crew contact with family and friends is a key factor in staff motivation but the cost of calls can stop this happening.
Existing apps sometimes can’t call landlines, or require a similar app to be installed by the recipient…

The Solution

We’ve developed a simple, but powerful app that allows crew to call landlines and mobiles in over 100 countries at low cost from wifi enabled ships.

The app is free to download, call costs are incredibly competitive, crew top-up credit from their own debit and credit cards and only pay for the calls they make.
Our pricing structure is flat – you pay the same rate to call a country from wherever you make the call. This means the same rate to say, the USA, whether you call from a hotel in the UK, a vessel in the Pacific or a Platform in The Gulf of Mexico.

Download, try it now and receive a free 25% Top-up bonus

Our app is available now in both Apple and Android app stores. Download the app for free, add some credit to your account using your debit or credit card, then try it out! You will automatically be credited with an extra 25% of your top-up value.

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Who Is This Product For?

For anyone who wants to be able to make cheap, high quality phone calls to landlines or mobiles in over 100 countries.

Typical rates per minute:

Philippines 26.0p     Turkey 9.9p
Russia 4.2p   Indonesia 21.0p
India 7.0p   Poland 2.9p
Ukraine 39.0p   Greece 3.9p
China 3.0p      

Our technology routes calls to landlines beyond the reach of the internet –  a truly global solution for crew wanting to call home at low cost.


The Company

GlobalCall247 Maritime is the specialist maritime arm of GlobalCall247, formed specifically with global knowledge of the maritime industry to bring state of the art calling technology to crew around the world.


Get in touch

If you’d like to find out more please email us. Got a question? To get you started, we’ve put the most commonly asked questions about our technology and products in our FAQs section.