Call friends and family abroad at great low rates

Call friends and family abroad at great low rates

A simple app that let’s you call over 100 countries

Call landlines and mobiles

Low rates, top-up with your credit or debit card

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Great low rates

GlobalCall247 is an app that allows you to call landlines and mobiles in over 100 countries at great low rates without a contract. How low? Typical rates are just 2.5p/min to USA, France and Spain, 3.5p/min to Australia and 7p/min to India.

Our technology also gives you great call quality, built-in messaging and translation and you pay only for the calls you make. Ready to give it a go? Download it now from your app store.


We’ve made our service simple to use. No more getting your family to install the right app on the right device. You can call whatever phone number they have, our technology does all the joining up for your seamlessly.

You can charge up credit on your GlobalCall247 account in seconds using a debit or credit card. So no annoying contracts or SIM swaps to deal with.

Peace of mind

For those times when you want to stay in touch wherever you are, GlobalCall is there on your mobile. You pay the same, great rates wherever you are in the world. So even when you’re travelling abroad, a call costs the same.

GlobalCall247 features

Crystal Clear Calls

Affordable International calling

Share text, photos and videos

Call over Edge/GPRS/3G/4G or WiFi

Calls to any kind of device