GlobalCall247 – more than just a phone call

We’ve developed GlobalCall247 to make it simple to call any phone in the world and enjoy crystal clear calls at great rates. Whether calling for business, pleasure, or you want a simple way of staying in touch whilst travelling, we’ve got you covered.

Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy whilst using GlobalCall247…


Free extra calls to get you going

Download the GlobalCall247 App and get 25% of FREE calls on your first top-up!

Works On Any Device

Smart phone, iPad, computer – as long as you have data or wifi connectivity you’re good to go.


No contract

Pay only for the calls you make with our simple credit top-up – either in-app or online. GlobalCall works independently of your mobile contract.

Free extras

As well as calling, the app comes with built-in instant messaging for chats and group chats, and send files and attachments to your contacts.


Keeping it Simple

No access codes, Pins or SIM swaps. Just launch the app.

Translate to over 80 languages

Finding it hard to make yourself understood? Switch to GlobalCall’s instant messaging and instantly translate instantly between languages.