About Us

About Us

Introducing GlobalCall247 –  bringing high quality, great value calls to everyone

We set up GlobalCall247 in 2015 to find a solution to the problem that we all kept encountering. With the world now wired up to the internet, why did high quality mobile calls still cost so much?

Free and low-cost solutions have their place, but rely on both the caller and recipient needing the same app on the same devices. How often have your skype calls dropped out, or you struggle to hear each other? But why should we have to pay so much for good quality calls when we know there is unused capacity on the internet available at a low cost?

We wanted a low fuss, contract free way we could call any of our contacts without worrying about apps, compatibility or cost.

We’ve built that system, and now we’re making it available to you.

GlobalCall247 features

Crystal Clear Calls

Affordable International calling

Share text, photos and videos

Call over Edge/GPRS/3G/4G or WiFi

Calls to any kind of device